Mauritius enhanced production of face masks, face shields, medical gowns and sanitizers


Mauritian manufacturers have ramped up the production of face masks, face shields and medical gowns to help tackle the shortages of healthcare providers in the fight against Covid-19. There are 2 main types of face masks that are being produced: washable and resuable face masks and single use masks which comes in different categories including Grenoble and Afnor model as well as in different sizes. These provide sufficient protection with direct contact with people.

Grenoble Model

The mask is in 3 ply. The inner and outer layer is made of a Single Jersey Fabric 150 Gsm (100 Cotton or Cotton Blends). The middle layer is made of a brushed fleece 250 grm 100 Cotton. The brushed fleece gives the mask a padding effect which makes it comfortable to wear.

Afnor Model
This model is made up of 2 plies of Single Jersey 150 Grm. The upper and lower edge is sewn with a mobillon tape. This one is a more economic version to the Grenoble 3 ply

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